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We carry out various ground support operations from arrival to departure of aircraft centering on loading and unloading of baggage and cargo on aircraft.This work, called "Grand Handling", plays an important role in the aviation industry.

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Guidance work

Guidance work to perform "marshalling" that guides the landed aircraft to a designated parking position and "towing" and "pushback" that move the aircraft with a large special vehicle.There are many blind spots due to the huge aircraft of over several hundred tons, and this is a job that requires advanced driving skills, knowledge, and situational judgment.

On-board work

Aircraft carry not only passengers, but also baggage and cargo.The loading work is to use various special vehicles within a limited time and to unload and load quickly and as instructed.It is a job that requires the most teamwork, as it requires different application skills based on knowledge and experience.

In-flight supplies business

This business handles in-flight products used by customers, such as in-flight magazines, blankets, and headphones.We manage hundreds of types of in-flight items, and pay out according to route and class to support a comfortable trip.

Customs duties

The airport is one of the logistics bases where everything from domestic and overseas gathers.Customs clearance is responsible for overall import/export procedures for aviation goods entrusted by airline companies.Special knowledge such as customs law is required, and a customs officer with a national qualification is active.

Load control business

Load control is a work called weight and balance that adjusts the weight and center of gravity of an aircraft.In consideration of the weight of fuel, cargo and baggage, the number of passengers and seat position, we will calculate the loading position and loading amount and give loading instructions so that we can operate while maintaining the optimal balance.There is no same flight as one, and it is a position with a large responsibility directly connected to the safety of the sky, such as judging the change of departure time at times.

Passenger/Baggage Business/
BHS Management Business

Passenger/baggage business sorts baggage checked by customers at the counter according to the flight, including transit and class.In addition, a baggage handling system (BHS) that reliably transports a large amount of baggage has been introduced at the airport, and BHS management work is to operate, manage, and maintain the system.We ensure that each piece of baggage is handled properly and that you can travel comfortably in the blind.

Baggage wrapping business

A service to pack your luggage with a special film to protect it from damage, stains, loss, and water damage.It is a major service overseas, but we introduced it first in Japan and it has become established as an airport service.It has been particularly well received by foreigners visiting Japan.



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